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Cover requests


1. Please request a cover only if your book is published or will be published within the next thirty days.

2. Don't ask me for the resources I use in the covers. I won't be disclosing the filter or fonts name in any case.

3. Fill the form properly and mention additional details (like follow a theme, etc.) in the notes at the end. I won't redo anything later on basis of information not mentioned in the form.

4. You can request up to two covers at a time.

5. Please be patient with the request, if any delay, it will be personally informed to you.

6. Feel free to ask for redos in certain things until you are fully satisfied.

I have the right to reject any request, the reason may or may not be specified.

➜ For wattpad, use the cover for at least fifteen days.
➜ For Instagram, the cover should be for a series with three or more parts.

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cover requests are closed.